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LFeist Consulting is dedicated to helping your business succeed.

We help you focus on:

  • building relationships with your clients to foster growth through marketing and networking
  • creating a strong marketing and content plan focused on your business needs
  • developing a strategic plan, in order to allow you to focus on promoting specific products/services over the next 1-5 years

Our advantage is our network and our experience.  We have had success in many different industries. We understand all aspects of starting and running a successful business - both online and offline.

We help you better understand your business so you are able to make educated business decisions.

We pride ourselves on our ability to connect business owners, in order to strengthen a sense of community.  We are based in Edmonton, Alberta; however, we work with businesses in the US and Canada.

During our business analysis meetings, we review your company goals and key strategies to help you and our consultant(s) better understand your business.  

Our goal is to ensure that you have a plan that is actionable so you know exactly what steps to take to get the results you desire.


Lori Feist

CEO, Business Development and Marketing Consultant

Lori is a business development consultant with a flair for social media, marketing and networking.  She knows the value of a strong network and loves to teach others how to generate leads and nurture contacts to build a strong network. She has experience working in the recruitment industry as well as the oil and gas industry. She has owned a few small businesses over the last 25 years.   Two were local businesses, and three others were home-based. 

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