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Build your business with relationships and strategy

Value of a Network

We show you how to build a network, both online and in-person.   Whether you are starting an online business or a local business, we can help you develop your marketing strategy.  We can also connect you to the right people so you can have your business up-and-running quickly. 

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Knowledgeable Experts

Our consultants have years of knowledge.  We understand how to operate a successful business.  Learn how to ensure the proper systems are in place to have an efficient business and protect you from risks.

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Customized Service

Our consultants will meet with you to analyze your business.  You will receive a report with targeted recommendations for your business.  These recommendations will give you the precise information needed to help you take immediate action.

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Business Strategy

Develop targeted business strategies for sales, marketing, human resources, product/service development, risk management. etc. We help you define organizational goals and ensure you are measuring targets to see results.

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Your Business

Stages of Business Development


Product/Service, People and Location

Once you have defined your product or service, you need to determine how to best deliver it.  You will likely need a team to help you.  We can help you develop your business plan, outline job descriptions and organize administrative systems to help you get started. You can also start to promote your business online.


Ensure High-Quality Product/Service

The best way to begin a thriving business is to ensure you have a quality product/service and a marketing strategy.  We help you review key performance indicators to ensure your business processes and systems are in-check so you are prepared.  We can also help with developing your marketing plan - including social media marketing and content marketing.


Invest in People and Infrastructure to Provide Better Services

At this point, there are a few things to consider when looking at possibly expanding - better systems? Another location? More staff? Another market?  A similar product?  We help you consider all of your options.  Your marketing will likely include a budget for advertising.  We can help you develop social media ads.


Improve Business Strategies

During this phase, ideally, the business could operate efficiently without you.  You may want to consider if you can hire someone to manage the business full-time, while you take on more of a consultative role - or even work part-time.  By hiring a manager to look after the operational activities, you will have more time be able to pursue other strategies, new products, new markets, or even new interests.

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